Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Italy V Paraguay: The Ultimate World Cup Pub (bar & restaurant) Crawl

By Philippa Morton

I couldn’t have felt better watching the Italy vs Paraguay game at Beaufort House in the heart of Chelsea. Beautiful wide doors opening onto the streets, made for a little more traffic noise than desired, however, I am an eternal fan of the open air, so after they raised the volume a little more, hmwah... what about the noise?

I was delighted to sip my wine and cocktails, and eat lots of creamy food, especially the chicken breast and peas with a Tarrago n Volute (even this dish resembled the round centred feel of the place). The chicken actually came with pea shoots and it was just such a fun way to eat my daily greens. I love the round bar and the general dome shaped restaurant. A nicely rounded centre, always seems to bring things together. Again, gorgeous lights abound the middle of the bar, and cunningly draw the eye in (thereby blocking the rest of the world out).

Okay, so we were here to watch the football... sorry it’s a lady’s eye who has a taste for the aesthetics around her at the Beaufort House, which distracts her from that ever lingering whisper (oh cheers actually) for football. I soon let my eye get distracted as I watch the football. Was this really sport? Looked more like dancing boys as Italy and Paraguay competed for the ball and pulled out what looked like flexible Grande Jettes in mid air, as perfectly displayed when Daniel De Rossie got fouled. Perhaps it had something to do with the torrents of rain there in Cape Town. Paraguay went ahead and scored – and there I was betting on Italy. But alas to no avail. Half time came and the score was still 1-0. As far as my uneducated eye could see, the ball was toing and froing like a yoyo most of the time.

So it was dessert time and I opted for something creamy again. Apple and blackberry crumble. Tarty tasting chunks of apple and berries were lovingly coated in a tangy cream and swallowed like dolphin to sardines. So yummy: that is what I call an apple crumble!

De Rossie was the man of the moment and scored for Italy – so now it was 1-1. Speaking of which, I had a nice 1-1 chat with owner Louis. My counterpart would describe him as lovely. So, Lovely Louis took us on a tour upstairs to the Private Members club. Something to consider my friends if you have a spare £600 floating about for the yearly membership fee. Think romantic candlelit corners in the champagne bar, or cosy couches in the dining area, or you can even use the conference room at your will. The membership is growing steadily and the establishment has hardly been open two months!

Overall, Beaufort House is well worth a visit. The prices are very reasonable there is plenty of space for you to chill out with a drink and enjoy the football, and you won’t be haggling for a spot to see, since from my view there were three TV screens to be had.

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