Monday, 7 June 2010

A Quiet Kensington Cocktail

Although High Street Kensington itself is somewhat of a mini Oxford Street thanks to its rampant consumerism, the area is very residential and there are some beautiful little pockets in amongst the madness.

Last week Fluid London dutifully accepted a kind offer from Kensington Square Kitchen to pay them a visit in order to sample a few of summer cocktails. Now that this side of the quiet little square is drenched in summer sunshine between the hours of 11am and 5pm, the outside tables are prime real estate. Sun basking would extend further into the evening were it not for the tall trees taking up valuable airspace in the locked square garden. Damn those trees! Someone should get the council onto that.

The homely Kensington Square Kitchen is bedecked in pastel colours, homemade cakes, and a brunch-heavy smell. The clientele: all tanned, heavily accented, and very well groomed; but I wont hold that against them (I’m just jealous). The impressive floral tattoo sported by our jovial waitress was almost in keeping with the earthly feel of KSK. Her cocktails were just as chirpy.

My guest and I were initially disappointed that the most obvious first choice - the Earl Grey Mar-TEA-ni - was unavailable that day, but the creamy gin, elderflower liqueur and egg white ‘Mayflower’ and the rum, mint and champagne ‘Old Cuban’ certainly gave us much cheer. Although not perfect, they did as well as expected from what is essentially a posh cafe, not a cocktail bar. The subsequent ‘Bubble Bliss’ was oddly flat considering the name, though.

If local, worth a jolly sit down. Room outside to park the Chelsea tractor for those that have them.

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