Sunday, 13 June 2010

South Korea V Greece: The Ultimate World Cup Pub (bar & restaurant) Crawl

By Anthony Lord

After watching both games yesterday, and only getting home at three o'clock in the morning, the major shock of the day is that I've made it to Proud Camden for the first game of the day. It's only day two of the tournament and I've realised that I'm taking it a bit too serious as I'm the only one watching the game at Proud. I don't know any Greeks or South Koreans so why am I watching this game? Need to re-evaluate my plans for the next few weeks...

I had the Sea Biscuit stable all to myself, but you will probably want to watch with friends. So if I was you I'd book one of the stables to watch the games on a fifty-inch HD TV. Fifty of you will be put on the guest list, you can pre-order cold buckets of beer so they are chilled when you arrive, a hostess will top up your drinks, and there's a BBQ. And if you are there for one of the late games, stay at Proud to celebrate the victory at the club nights.

If you don't want to spend the £200 to reserve a stable (a good deal if divide the price by 50), the main gig room has seating and a projector so you can watch on the large screen.

The game finishes 2-0 to South Korea; it's time to go meet my friends. Yes, I do have some, they were watching the Springboks mauling the French. On my way out I have a look at what's on show at the gallery. What do you know, it's footie photos. The shows title is 1966: The Glory Days. Let's hope 2010 are glory days for this England team. Off to watch that game...

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