Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Cameroon V Japan: The Ultimate World Cup Pub (bar & restaurant) Crawl

By Anthony Lord

Another game, and another empty venue. I'm starting to think the English aren't real football fans, ones that watch all every game of football that's televised. Cameroon are playing Japan, surely there's someone else in London other than myself that's excited about this game? I'm fooling myself. I'm sitting alone at The Hoxton Pony just off Old Street. Where are the students? Where are the millions of jobless?

I imagine this is a great venue to watch the evening World Cup matches, especially at the weekends when the party will kick off after the game. Actually, I think the whole of Shoreditch would be a great place to watch one of the big games, there are loads of venues showing the footie. I might just come back for a last 16 game.

So what is The Hoxton Pony offering that makes it different to other venues screening this World Cup? Try one of the nine World Cup bites, including salt and pepper squid, Welsh rarebit fingers or home made fish finger with garlic mayonnaise. Go along to The Hoxton Pony with up to 49 mates and order 100 bottles of beer and 12 platters for £500. Try the Half Time cocktail. Or go when England are playing and you'll get a free shot when they score. Doubt that'll come courtesy of Heskey though.

This was not my best World Cup experience so far. As you'll have heard, it was the most boring game of the tournament so far, and me watching on my own didn't help. But don't think my experience is what you'll experience. While chatting to the barman he said it's been packed for the bigger games, and the ones with a late kick-off. If you are wanting to watch one of the earlier starting games though, phone ahead, they just might not be open for it, it would be a waste of their time.

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