Thursday, 24 June 2010

Westminster Terrace Party

By Deborah James

Fluid London is not one for missing out on a celebration, so, naturally, we accepted an invitation to a terrace party at City Inn Westminster recently. What was the occasion? Well, we don’t think there really was one. The hotel just wanted to say thanks to its suppliers and clients so decided to dust down the barbeque and open some champagne. How awfully kind! More of an event for hoteliers to mingle, we left the corporate talk to those in expensive suits and took our main enjoyment in more important things: the food and booze.

Set out on the hotel’s terrace, the huge grill churned out elements of its alfresco menu; top marks went to some delicately flavoured salmon and lamb kebabs. Beautifully crisp, cold white wine and sangria were provided to help wash it all down.

It’s unusual to find anywhere in central London with a garden, even a concrete yard, and City Inn Westminster makes good use of its narrow outdoor space by turning it into a covered passage. The barbeque is a great draw to what is essentially a characterless building in not an especially convenient location. Open all summer, we could be tempted back.

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