Friday, 23 July 2010

Bond Always Had Good Gadgets

By Anastasia Hancock

24 London: the name says it all. 24 London were the team behind the launch of new Soho nightclub, Bond. Half past six on a very sunny weekday evening, and I stepped off busy London streets awash with post-work tipplers and the early evening commuters into the depths of a nightclub in full swing, complete with DJ, cocktails, and a crowd that looked like it had spent the majority of the day spraying on the fake tan and carefully selecting an outfit that would see then through a hard night’s clubbing. So this is what they mean by ‘24 hour London’.

A couple of delicious cocktails later, all made with the signature Cîroc vodka (interestingly this brand distinguishes itself from your everyday vodka because it’s derived from French grapes), and I could almost believe I had somehow stumbled into a continuum, and it was in fact the early hours of the next morning. Until I went to the ladies, that is, and had to pass by the adjoining coffee shop, bright sunlight beaming through the open doors.

The event was to showcase Bond’s new ‘cutting edge technology’, which featured interactive technology designed to give the ‘wow factor’ to any night out. This involved interactive tabletops allowing punters to send over a ‘virtual’ drink to anyone they took a shine to (I’d prefer an actual drink myself, but perhaps the romance of the gesture is lost on me), while staff take pictures of happy clubbers to upload onto the walls of the club itself. Impressive stuff, if vaguely reminiscent of the waiter-less Asian restaurants dotted around the capital which boast similar computerized dining tables which allow you to order food yourself.

The walls really came into their own, though, during a demonstration of what happens when some flush clubber orders a whole bottle of Cîroc vodka. The watching crowd parted as a suitably leggy waitress walked through the crowd bearing aloft the bottle, just as a low budget son et lumière display lit up the club with images of the brand. Subtle it was not.

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