Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chap Advice: 3 Surefire Ways To Snare A Hottie

By Christian Rose-Day.

So, in honour of our new Hot Girl Top 10 Bars, Clubs, Pubs & Restaurants, here are three supplementary ideas to help a young chap in the pursuit of London’s finest fillies.

(1) Does a ratio of 70:30 women to men sound enticing enough? Then you need to get yourself down to one of the fun Blitz Parties that happen at Shoreditch Studios every month or so (pictured above and right). Every single lady there is not just hot, but vintage hot. Perfect rolled hair, pencil lined calves, thick red lipstick and more polka dots than you could shake a stick at. Plus, you get to wear a whole tub of Brylcreem and sport a genuine moustache. Guaranteed good times, and you don’t need to be a mathematicians or statisticians to realise that this is a no-brainer in the numbers game.

(2) Wheeler's of St James's, the Italian restaurant masterminded by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White and hotelier Sir Rocco Forte, has recently opened its bar to non-diners. Nothing too sexy about that, you might assume. That is until you find out that an actual real life model agency hosts drinks here every other Wednesday, attended by actual real life models. See you Wednesday then!

(3) A good mate of mine passed this little tip onto me after successfully completing it himself. It’s crafty, but it works, allegedly. You need to get yourself along to one of the larger, more established gay nights at places like Shadow Lounge, Heaven, or Fire, preferably with one or two of your gay mates. You need to make sure you go on a night which welcomes girls (or faghags, for want of a better word) because they will have their guard down and you’ll find it really easy to chat with them. They will then see you as a ‘challenge’ to be converted and if you play the hetero-curious cards right, c’est voila!

Images courtesy of professional photographer, Julian Dodd.

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