Tuesday, 19 October 2010

North London’s New Rockin’ n A-Rollin’ Bar

By Sophie Atkinson.

Sandwiched between party Camden and the picturesque and practically suburban Highgate, Tufnell Park – not exactly known as a hip and happening area of London – lacks something of an identity. But with the opening of the new Rock’n’Roll bar and pizza restaurant (!), Aces & Eights, this could be set to change…

I stumbled in to Aces & Eights on a dark and dreary evening and it’s a miracle I ever left. This bar epitomises hedonism. Lady’s undergarments hang from the ceiling and tattooed bikers line up at the bar ordering shorts and shots (Aces & Eights have a superb selection of American beers, bourbons and whiskies). Good ol’ fashioned rock music blasts out from the speakers and the bar staff neck tequila when they think you aren’t looking. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you discover the pizza stove; perfect for soaking up all that booze.

Aces and Eights isn’t for those hoping to nurse a quiet pint in North-West London, and I emerged literally covered in beer but happy in the knowledge that I’d had a truly awesome night out. Rock on.

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