Friday, 15 October 2010

The Smell of Southwark’s Newest Club

By Anna Robin

It’s Thursday, I am out with two friends, and I realise I am no longer young and cool; if I ever was. This happens to me frequently. I am turning into a grumpy old woman. I talk about how obnoxious I find T4 presenters. Why are they so perky all the time and why all the screams of joy? I complain about girls not wearing tights in winter (although I maintain that this is a reasonable moan; they’ll catch their deaths dressed like that!).

Anyway, like I say, it was Thursday and myself and two mates were going to the launch of Arcadia, a club in Southwark just near Borough Market, and the thought of it was hideous. This is the point I realised that the aging process had caught up with me and I might as well start purchasing the Radio Times and buy a thermal nightie. The reasons for not wanting to get drunk and sweaty on a Thursday were poor: I had a stressful week; I had a lot of work to do on Friday morning; etc, etc, etc.

However, in the name of journalistic integrity and holding on to my youth, I decided to hit the town. The Arcadia club is under railway arches off Southwark Street, not too far from London Bridge, so already it has a bit of a head start on the ‘cool ladder’ because, let’s be honest, you can’t get much more trendy then bricked arches.

The chic ceilings come at a price however. Arcadia, unfortunately, smells really, really bad. I think possibly due to under-bridge damp. Some good intentioned person had tried to cover this up by dotting incense sticks around the place but it didn’t really work. It’s a bit like a teenage boy who sprays on deodorant after hours of football and believes that is acceptable. It’s not.

Arcadia is a big place. Two rooms with bars; one big room with exciting strobe lighting; and two smaller rooms with army netting on the ceiling. It was a little empty at the launch but I can imagine that with lots of bodies grooving to house music it would be quite amazing. Also, the smell of sweat would cover the smell of the club so that would be a plus.

The smokers hangout is rather a treat, under another arch but obviously outdoors, it has some large pot plants and a couple of squishy leather sofas, for when the feet are saying no but the mind wants to keep dancing. The smoking area is big enough so everyone is not pushed together and desperately trying to avoid blinding anyone with a cigarette. We spent a lot of the time outside, feeling relaxed watching trendy people.

Arcadia’s launch wasn’t spectacular.  However, packed with people at three in the morning, I think this may be the place to be young and cool in the city. I will defiantly give it a shot the day I find myself ordering herbal tea in my local pub.

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