Saturday, 11 December 2010

Find The Fraggle At Covent Garden’s Newest Cocktail Bar

By Laura Collins

Dance your cares away (clap, clap), worry’s for another day, let the music play (clap, clap), down in Fraggle Rock...

Oh yes, a theme tune we all know and love, but not one I imagined myself humming on a night out in Covent Garden. Why was I humming it? Because the bar we were in had a secret fraggle hidden in the wall, of course. Why else?!

If finding a mysterious Fraggle after all these years isn’t a big enough incentive to try out the brand new Adventure Bar on Bedford Street, then I am sure the friendly service, unbeatable cocktails and cool, funky setting will be.

Based underground but offering a taste of the overground, this long, cavernous bar can’t help but entice. Adventure Bar oozes life, soul and style, not to mention a cracking list of cocktails and possibly the best mix of music I’ve ever heard. The choice was as eclectic as it gets. I heard something from every year and genre, although my pick of the night was quite clearly the original Baywatch theme tune – classic!

It doesn’t stop there. The service I experienced at Adventure Bar was incredible and the staff had a certain allure that pulled me to the bar almost immediately – it’s called friendliness, something that is a rarity in many London bars! The bartenders were in their element and clearly loved their jobs. They made the drinks with a sincere pride and enjoyment, which was a welcome change from the arrogant mixologists found in so many bars. They also know their stuff and willingly recommend cocktails that always hit the spot. From one question – what is your favourite tipple? – to the cocktail of your dreams in just seconds. Easy. Why can’t every bar offer this type of service?

Of course, you can choose your own cocktail from the vast menu, which offers an excellent but not too exhaustive list of choices. There is nothing worse than having to flick through an encyclopaedia of drinks before finally making a decision an hour later! Three (yes, three!) cocktails down and I was still loving the variety. I went from a strawberry champagne julep to a mango Collins (it’s all in the name...!) Despite the December weather, I even braved the brain freeze and went for a frozen wild berry daiquiri. Well, it was my birthday after all (sort of!).

After these drinks, I had a theory. Adventure Bar is actually just like the perfect cocktail – all the elements come together to create something dreamy, tantalising and to everyone’s taste. According to the owners, the concept behind the bar is simple. They want to offer the best cocktails, with the best service in the best atmosphere in Covent Garden! They seem to have done just that and I have a feeling they will make the bar go from strength to strength...well, how could they not when they have a Fraggle on their side (see if you can spot it)?!


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