Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The secret about The Foundation is out

By Christian Rose-Day.

Yesterday, during the middle of the afternoon, down a quiet West End street, behind closed doors where nobody could see, a handful of judges convened to give their critical opinion on seven short pieces of film. Their mission: to decide which of the seven truly represented what The Foundation was all about. The only problem was that neither the film makers nor the judges knew exactly what, or who, The Foundation really was.


Myself and my Fluid colleague, Faye Armstrong, were two of the chosen judges, yet despite the lack of concise information, collectively the judging panel chose Bristol based duo James Weir and Guy Gotto as winners of The Foundation Film Trailer Competition 2011, a competition run almost exclusively online, using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This was their winning entry.

Following the screening, the judges were lead down into a basement in Covent Garden where The Foundation was finally revealed. And it really is something you need to see for yourself in order to believe it, especially if you ever experienced what came before it.

The Foundation officially launches on 25th February.

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