Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pub Quiz London: Quizaster!

By Arthur, Faye, Flick, Kate and Christian

There are pub quizzes and then there are impossible pub quizzes. This was the inaugural event for Team Fluid London as we set ourselves the task of attempting a continuous string of London pub quizzes until, somewhere, some day, we actually win the damn thing. Southwark clearly has a high genius quotient because the pub quiz we undertook at Imbibe was an impossible pub quiz. No prizes for guessing where we came. Still, just as Yazz & the Plastic Population kindly pointed out in 1988: The Only Way Is Up. I still think an extra 10 points should have been awarded us for our team name (as suggested by Kate): The Just-Imbibers. Puntastic AND it references the name of the pub. Not even my pint of London Pride, or the roaring fire, or the delightfully inventive light fittings, could deter me from being woefully bad in this pub quiz. We were so bad, at one point when asked ‘what size paper is 2.5 x 1.5 inches?’ we cleverly folded the A4 food menu on our table several times in order to work out the answer. We still got it wrong! - Christian

Fluid’s debut performance at London’s premier venue for pub quiz banter went down a storm. Well more like a tornado of foolish Fluidites desperately wracking our brains for answers to a plethora of quizzical queries. Who knew the humble pub quiz could be so taxing? Despite a warming fire, one or two bevvys and accomplished host, we were pipped to the post by almost every other team. I say ‘almost’; we came joint last with a rather forgettable team called, unoriginally, Quiz Team Aguilera. Our quest for knowledge is clearly a work in progress. - Flick

All the ingredients were there for success and I didn't even include the juicy cherry tomatoes in my risotto. We had a good spread of ages and specialisms and I was sure we'd prevail, even without a food and drink round. In the end, however, you had to hand it to the awesome regular teams at Imbibe. We were blown out of the water across sport, music, randomness and current affairs (although we did do rather well on Fairy Tales thanks to Flick). As someone who gamely gets into the competitive spirit it was a chastening experience. But when you take part in a pub quiz the true measure of happiness is actually good beer and company, not the final score. At least that's what I'm telling myself to try and erase the memory of our loss. - Arthur

Having the longest recorded run on Countdown, being the proud owner of the prestigious Mastermind cut-glass engraved bowl, and working a weekday gig as the Egghead’s knowledge tutor, I thought it best I take a step back and let my young Fluid chicks spread their wings and attempt to fly at the Imbibe pub quiz which takes place on the first Tuesday of every month.

Biting my lip, I watched them flail in each round, incorrectly guessing answers to questions that were so easy. For your benefit, I’ve put my answers in Italic:

(General Knowledge) What type of creature is a Storm-petrel? An X-Man

(Current Affairs) Exposure to what is fabled to turn trolls into stone or make them burst? Lord Sugar

(Wipeout) According to the Bible, how old was Methuselah when he fathered Lamech? Younger than God, older than the Bible

I intervened during the music round to inform the team that ‘Billionaire’ was by Travie McCoy. They seemed to think there was something wrong with my Googling the answer. However, their whining was silenced when they realised that this genius on my part awarded us the shared glory of joint last. They’ll get better in time, and with my coaching and mad quiz skillz we’ll achieve our goal of quiz champs. I’m as sure of that as I am of my above answers. - Faye

Next stop for Team Fluid London: The Old Queen's Head pub quiz in Angel.

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