Friday, 24 June 2011

Dropping The C-Bomb At The New Giraffe

By Cat McGovern.

When I hear the word Giraffe in conjunction with dining, visions of squawking children running around with balloons often springs to mind. Sometimes I just want a restaurant that has the same dishes as Giraffe, without the worry of accidently dropping the F or C bomb in ear shot of these precious little darlings. Fortunately, for my potty mouth, there is now an adult-friendly Giraffe establishment in the heart of Soho. Thank flippin’ goodness.

As I enter, I notice that the downstairs acts as a restaurant, whereas the upstairs is bar territory and has a more laid back relaxed feel. Still wary that there might be children, I plonk myself at one of the communal wooden tables in the bar.

Drinks are being dispersed freely and when I ask for a cocktail, the waitress asks me in return “rum or gin?” Being a gin fiend, I opt for the Bramble. Loaded with a more than generous amount of juniper, I sip on it contentedly. Its purple colour reminds me of Ribena and, as such, I drink it as so. My friend asks for rum and receives a mango and lime daiquiri which is perfect on this muggy day.

Being up above the streets of Soho and watching people bustling along is quite fascinating. As we delight in our cocktail creations, we witness an argument between friends, a mad chase, and a group of confused Korean tourists looking lost and equally spellbound by London. It’s quite a sight.

Suddenly, large platters laden with food present themselves at our table. Skewers of roast pumpkin and beetroot, grilled halloumi, chicken, beef and prawn are nibbled and they are all mighty. Whenever food is served at new launches, people’s manners wane and the need for food compels people to grab and snatch like they have never eaten before. Suits and well dressed ladies lose all decorum and paw over the offerings. This is pleasing as I am also one of those types of people.

So they have good cocktails and food on a stick? Brilliant! Two things that just go hand in hand. Next, flat breads, which are essentially pizzas, distributed and addictive. The thin, crisp base, loaded with cheese and chunky toppings, go down a treat. It is on par with my favourite pizza; Firezza and that’s saying something.

As the night comes to a close and people disperse, I am left alone on the communal table. I can see myself sitting up here tapping away on my laptop, whilst I do some important work (read: Facebooking), whilst piling through many a cocktail. And you know what, I might just do that!

Find your local Giraffe restaurant, follow this link

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