Tuesday, 21 June 2011

London’s Summer of Spanish Street Parties

By Philippa Morton.

“Dubba Dubba Dubba Rrrrrrrrrbaaaa!” echo the sounds of Latino singers on this beautiful Sunday evening in Kings Cross. If you’ve lately had dim thoughts of being the gristle in the mince grinder of London, think again. No time for a holiday? Take a trip to Camino Bar & Restaurant instead. You’ll be in for some exceptional customer service, where your choice actually matters. And you can listen to the jiving rhythms of Spanish tunes. Tonight was the first of the Fiesta En La Calle street party events at Camino. Our spirits were down in light of the recent Champion’s League football defeat to Barcelona, so we decided that if we can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Tapas, the order of the day, naturally - my favourite, the juicy and spicy chorizo sausage - and Spain wouldn’t be Spain without a little seafood, the pick being the baby squid. Wash this down with el Gaitero cider, and you’ll be away, which is just where I wanted to be; away from the inside, towards the outside where the bands were playing. But at least I had a little time to observe our surroundings. You’re definitely in Spain when you’re at Camino; the walls are covered in relics of Catholicism, woodlands and all things Spanish; except for the foosball machine, perhaps, which was regularly exercised.

Feeling like a child dying to get out into the playground, I forced my last mouthful of Ewes Cheese down (creamy and tangy, I had no issues with that!), before removing myself outside. Who could have thought dancing under the stars in London was possible? An adult crowd appreciated hips-a-hoolaring, created an awesome party vibe. A few MILFs sat confidently waiting for their bait, while an energetic, friendly crowd danced around. No partner? No worries. Friendliness is so part of this vibe, you might not have a choice BUT to dance! The passion for the music starts with the players. The trills and frills are magical from guitars to trombone. Be prepared to lose yourself from 6pm until 2am.

So how much will all this set you back? A 5 and 20 will do the trick for a little munch, a few Spanish swigs and a dessert. Dessert is a guessing game, as it is all in Spanish on the menu. We greatly enjoyed the fun of discovering what it was we actually ordered. How much to transport yourself to a magical place in Spain via musical tunes? That’s FREE! And the good news: there are more of these street parties to come. I’ll be there, will you?

SATURDAY JULY 30th - Featuring Cumbé Live - One of the hottest new bands of London’s Latin American music scene!

SUNDAY 28TH AUG – CLOSING PARTY – Line up TBA! Check website for more details!

Live music from 6pm-9pm so get down early! Main act on at 8pm
Drinks Offer: 4 bottles of Estrella Dam for £10

Why not go the whole hog and book a table in advance? To book your spot at Camino use this simple booking thingameewhatsit.

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