Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Shackles Came Off At Syncronized

By Greg Hall.

Where would we be if we stayed in our comfort zone? Personally, I dread to think what I’d be doing. But seeing as we live in an era where lying is fashionable, where porky pies are embraced by the government and those rotten eggs at FIFA who wear them like they’re strutting down the catwalk, I’m going to be refreshingly open.

If I were to remain in a sedentary state, I’d probably be at home eating chicken and playing X-Box 360. As Ron Burgundy said in Anchorman, “It’s boring, but it’s my life.” Luckily, I’m malleable to my mate’s suggestions. I wouldn’t call it peer pressure, but after a bit of arm twisting a pal of mine managed to get me to leave my reassuring cocoon of South East London and venture with a crew over the river, north, to Shacklewell.

Now admittedly this part of town isn’t as sizzling as Shoreditch or as down as Dalston (although near to both), but this component of the capital has a little sparkling gem by the name of the Palatine Bar. To state the bleeding obvious, that was where we were going. The reason; to sample some deep house grooves and neck a few beers. It proved to be a fruitful pursuit of pleasure.

The name of the event was ‘Syncronized’, which was apt, as we had a serving of kinetic cohesion, fuelled by the ballistic rhythms of Rico Casazza, Beatplate, Beatfield and Real Design. I’m no dance expert, but I love a night out at Fabric and Cable, and the laidback Palatine Bar was like an intimate version of those buzzing clubs, minus the sweaty t-shirt.

For the casual punter a dance night at Palatine Bar is well worth it, and it’s no surprise considering who the governor is. That certain ‘guv’ would be Scott Martin, who has ten years of experience in the competitive Ibiza club scene. While Shacklewell isn’t quite San Antonio, we got a taste of the Balearics with the likeable yet lethal ‘Hiebas’ liquor. That herbal concoction was the perfect companion to the scintillating set the ‘Synchronized’ boys put on.

While I could have happily stayed in with a bit of Pro Evo Soccer, which is admittedly very sad, I made the right choice; Palatine Bar had a cool crowd, a rustic setting and top tunes. Check it out.

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