Tuesday, 14 June 2011

When A Good Sausage Comes Near My Lips

By Cat McGovern.

Netball or pub? Netball or pub? Decisions, decisions. Netball finishes at 8pm, so technically could do both. Pub it is!

The venue is The Betjeman Arms in St Pancras station. Every time I go to this pub, it makes me wish I was going on the Eurostar, as it stares temptingly back at me on the pubs’ terrace inside the station. If only I had my passport on me.

Geronimo Inns, who are the smart guys who put their gastropubs into Heathrow airport, are showcasing their own homemade produce this evening and by the looks of it, it’s definitely going to be hitting the right chords with me.

Placed on big barrels are their bread, cheese and sausages, good hearty British staples. I go for the cheese first and, as you can see from the picture, it is mighty. The cheese is made from Young’s beer and has a cheddar disposition. I cant believe it when I’m told that it is in effect beer cheese. I am giddy with excitement and pop a few more tasters in my mouth.

Next on my agenda is the sourdough bread that is also made from beer, this time Adnams. I am fascinated by the thought of beery bread and cheese, declaring that all things should be made of beer if they taste this fantastic. But it is the sausages that I particularly want. They have been staring at me, willing me to try them and I greedily snatch a couple of pieces and scurry away.

Ale samples are offered to me and as I am not one to refuse any type of alcohol (except Jager and Tequila, they can move swiftly along thank you) I tentatively try it. I associate ale with old men and my Scottish boyfriend. I have tried to get down with it many an evening at home, but to me it’s just simply flat warm beer, which is not very pleasant. However, surprisingly, this one is quite nice. It is Young’s Waggledance, which makes me visualise bees doing the dance to tell the other bees that this beer’s a good’un. My boyfriend scoffs at me and says the reason why I like it is because it is considered a ‘girl ale’, making me feel less proud of my ale achievements.

I soon shut him up when I notice that sausage baps are on offer and refuse to get him one. The bap is overflowing with their own piccalilli and I lose all my manners and girly grace by shoving it attractively into my mouth. The piccalilli spills on to my chin but I don’t care, I must devour this roll. Meat juices squirt on to my brand new dress and notebook. I am an animal and my boyfriend, understandably, moves his chair away from me so that it looks like we’re not together. Not my daintiest moment but I’m afraid when a good sausage comes near my lips, it must be appreciated (oooh saucy).

Geronimo Inns have really got it spot on here and who knows perhaps instead of enjoying wine and cheese of an evening, it’s less posh counterpart beer could lead the way for those who are as classy as me.

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