Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How To Look Cool On A Friday Date Even If It’s Monday

By Rebecca Brett.

Why do most songs put down Monday? What did Monday ever do to the lyricists writing these songs? Tell me why I don’t like Mondays? I’ll tell you why Sir Bob; because you don’t get invited to Champagne events on a rooftop terrace overlooking London, that’s why. Just another manic Monday? You can say that again. This isn’t a usual Monday night activity. And the best one - Monday’s child is fair of face - hmmm, not the morning after too many glasses of Champers without dinner.

OK, there are a lot of reasons why Monday is put down so much, who wants to go back to work after a weekend of fun? It’s usually the day that the majority of us take to the gyms and parks for an exercise session, all in an attempt to feel better about our over-indulgence during the weekend. Not me. For me, this Monday was an extension of the weekend, just another Friday night to let my hair down.The reason for my outing on this usual mundane Monday in particular was to celebrate the official UK launch of Pommery Apanage Rosé NV in magnum. Who could refuse an invitation that had those words in it? So with the sun beaming down, I headed to the new and improved Vista rooftop bar at the luxury Trafalgar Hotel with a hot man in tow. I love it when events like these stipulate that you can take a +1.

So, sitting on the sun-drenched terrace with views over London all around us, and flocks of people sitting in Trafalgar Square watching Madame Butterfly on a huge screen, we started with the Springtime Rose NV, a light champers with lots of berry notes; very easy to drink, some might argue too easy. I’d be one of those.

To ensure prolonged Champagne sampling, there were incredible canapés circulating, including mini bangers and mash with a rich red wine jus, and, my favourite, Thai marinated chicken skewers; the perfect antidote to not eating dinner that night, oops.

We visited the Pink POP NV table next. Note to all single girls out there who don’t want to look like complete dickheads when trying to impress a date: do not, and I mean DO NOT, try to elegantly drink POP from those cute little Champagne bottles with a straw; they are devils in disguise. A straw in bubbles is the equivalent of putting an Alka Seltzer in your mouth with Coke Cola; bubbles spluttering out your nose is not a great ‘I’m cool’ date look. So POP in glasses is the way forward.

The mini bottles are cute though, and the contents of them go down a treat. I can imagine taking a few of these to a posh picnic date, if we ever get over the straw incident.

Nose bubbles memory regressed, we moved on to the La Chapelle Gordonne rose 2009. Unfortunately, this one must have been a popular choice as all that was left were fake bottles. Yeah, thought that bottle was light when I picked it up but thought I’d open the foil to make sure. Yep, the cool date-look continues.

There were some lovely wines available too so a quick diversion was needed to the tables laden with Cuvee Louise Rose 2000, a pale pink wine which was sweet and perfumed, not to the date’s liking but I’m sure he was just trying to act manly. He did have another glass after all!

As the night drew in so did a chill in the air as the sun disappeared over the horizon. No worries at Vista, though. They have super soft throws to snuggle under so that you can continue drinking to your heart’s content. But, with the looming thought of it already being Tuesday morning, we set off.

In conclusion, a Champagne date is the way forward, especially with the aid of plenty of bottles of delicious Pommery Champagne to help you along your way. Now, I won’t tell you how the date ended, a girl doesn’t kiss and tell, oh shit… she just did.

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