Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sipping Champagne On The City’s New (Rainy) Rooftop

By Naheen Madarbarkus.

A glitzy new rooftop café-bar with tempting Champagne reception seemed like an opportunity not to be missed. It was Tuesday. It was a sunny afternoon. It was perfect for a nice stroll down Holborn Circus toward St Paul’s. However, a major kink was about to hit this super plan. As the rain started to fall, I was hit by the dawning reality that the rooftop glitz was now endangered.

By 7pm, the rain was in full swing and after arriving at the new One New Change building, a slightly dampened me (in clothing, not in spirit) entered the lift for the journey up to the 6th floor to Madison. As the doors opened, my expectations were met. A warm smile from a friendly face greeted me at the opening of the (now covered) terrace.

Names on the door were ticked off as I made my way to the main entrance where a svelte waitress beamed at me. I headed toward her as she flashed her drinks tray in my direction. Huge glasses of Moet Ice Imperial had been pre-poured and were there, literally for the taking. I gladly scooped up my glass, and attempted to make my way in to the general direction of the conversation hub. However, said svelte waitress stopped me and gestured toward the remaining items on her tray. My brain stopped working as I looked at her with a firm ‘huh?’

“You need to add ice and pieces of fruit to your glass to get the best taste of Ice Imperial”.

“Oh” was my witty retort.

Now, it may seem like ruining a perfectly glass of Moet, but this fruit and ice madness really works. I guess strawberries have been making good ground with their Champagne counterpart for years, and now, as I worked the room, the fruit and ice were working my Champers combo. It couldn’t get any better, could it?

It did. After finding a table in the centre of the cafe to perch and admire my Imperial efforts, food started to leave the kitchen. Samples of Madison’s cuisine saw pesto prawn, mini cheeseburgers and tomato and mozzarella skewers offered around the room. I was happy to taste them, even though a napkin in one hand and a glass in the other made for difficult eating. Still, the table helped despite the standing.

Time for a refill and the bar itself looked like a sophisticated Cocktail/Coyote Ugly scene. Guests waited as ice was crushed, fruit chopped and tossed, and Champagne poured over this new concoction. This place had style, class and the most Champagne magnums I’d ever seen.

A snoop around revealed the Madison terrace with its impressive backdrop: St Paul’s Cathedral. With a number of tables outside, it was a shame that the wind and rain were sweeping in. Inside, comfy sofas lined booth-like areas against the ceiling-to-floor windows with removable tables placed in the centre of the room (no doubt removable to make way for a dance floor on busier evenings).

A cafe with class, Madison’s has made its mark. Indulge and impress with the Imperial. It’s sophisticated, kitschy and offering a touch of fizz with fruit. And with the view, it makes this an option for lunch or evening socials, whatever the occasion. With Champagne on ice any time of day, why settle for anything less?

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