Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fish & Chips & Nipple Tassel Babes

By Rebecca Brett.

It’s not that dining out ever gets boring for me but sometimes it’s good to get a little more than a three-course meal and a bottle of wine. Some twirling nipple action with a veggie lasagne, you say? A little bit of juggling over a glass of red? An acrobat hovering over my strawberry mousse? Why not.

Welcome to Proud Kitchen, where I went with some friends on a Wednesday night after work for a little more than just dinner. Already packed out with the voyeurs of the journalism world, the small room was treated to delicious strawberry caipirinhas and a variety of acts, a smorgasbord of talent: a juggler using his mouth while club juggling; bendy women serving wine and handing out menus; and acrobats stopping mid somersault (sort of) to hand out delicious canapes, which were more like dinners in themselves than petit mouthfuls. Racks of ribs, not-so-mini burgers, and Caesar salad tarts were all delivered by the truckload.

With the post-work hunger pangs kicking in, we more than over indulged in the enormous canapes, grabbing every finger-licking morsel that came within a metre radius and every glass of wine that was within sniffing distance. [Greedy! - Ed]

After an hour or so, the dimly lit room was buzzing with guests sat on the long trestle tables and waiting for the main acts to take to the stage.

Dinner time came after I’d had more than my fair share of canapes; perhaps this was the reason why I thought our fish and chips and veggie lasagne were bland and nowhere near as good as their predecessors. Or, perhaps, it was the fact that the acts on the stage were much more appealing than the tired looking plates of food in front of us.

On stage, the sexy Kiki Kaboom and delightful Beatrix Von Bourbon were much more pleasant on the eye and it was easier to watch them instead of tucking in to dinner, so I did just that.

The sexy burlesque ladies wowed the audience with their cheeky acts of geek-to-freak and bellboy-to-nipple-tassel babe. It was a little weird tucking in to a chip while a lady on stage undressed, but different all the same; not your usual dinner, that's for sure.

After the performances were over, we were invited to go next door to the live music area at Proud Camden, but after the night of boobs and bending, we were pooped and so tootled off in to the Camden night.

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