Friday, 9 September 2011

3 Cocktails For London Fashion Week & An Amazing View Of London

By Sophie Atkinson.

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend a sunny London evening (yes, that's right, sunny and London in the same sentence) supping on delectable cocktails and nibbling canapés while soaking up the breathtaking views boasted by Vista, the recently revitalised bar on the sixth floor of the sumptuous Trafalgar Hotel. 

Perched on top of the Hilton-owned hotel in Trafalgar Square, Vista is – in my very humble opinion – a top contender for the best rooftop bar in London. At a mere six floors up, you may not believe that it is able to offer the spectacular views that it does, but they really must be seen to be believed. From Nelson's Column to the London Eye and Big Ben through to the Barbican and beyond, as views go, it's a pretty impressive one, especially as the sun sets (and a rainbow appears, as you can see). 

My other half – an architect, and a fairly snobbish one at that – was as impressed with the slick design fittings as he was taken with the spectacular surroundings. Vista is also deceptively large, with both open and covered seating areas, thus sensibly preparing for all weather eventualities (a must for any London outdoor space). 

But the views, and abnormal weather, weren't the only things to celebrate on this particular evening. My guest and I had, in fact, been invited to sample three new cocktails on offer as of September, to coincide with London Fashion Week (or LFW, darhlings). The three cocktails on offer throughout the evening were especially designed for London's fash pack in time for the Spring/Summer 2012 LFW, and are themed around trends displayed by some of today's most prestigious designers.
The Sweet Golightly was created to encapsulate the very spirit of the famous Holly Golightly herself (of Breakfast at Tiffanys fame) to reflect the sophistication and elegance of the 40s chic seen on the catwalks of Prada and Gucci. With its basil infused Gin Mare Gin, this cocktail is a delicious spin on a classic martini, but packs quite the punch! Not one for the faint-hearted. 

The bright blue Gemstone Glory was inspired by the topaz colours and rich, sumptuous jewel tones of the gem stones seen on the catwalks of late. Diamonds and gems – often seen as the very personification of glamour –are the inspiration here and, using a base of Pommery Champagne, Blu Curacao and Lychee Liquor, eloquently capture the rich sumptuous feel that was seen on the Jasper Garvida and Body AMR models.

The third and final cocktail served up was appropriately named The Lady is a Vamp and is said to 'embody the dark and seductive qualities that have been captured by the fetish trend seen at McQueen and Giles' whilst also 'paying homage to the likes of Lady GaGa and the fantastically wacky outfits that were worn on her Monster Ball Tour’. Quite. Made with Black Moth Vodka, Mozart Dark and a hint of Absinthe, this cocktail proved to be both delicious and devilish, knocking my guest and I sideways with both its flavour and strength, in a positive way of course!

Surrounded by gorgeous hipsters and fashionistas – with air kisses galore and whispers of 'will we see you in Paris?' – I felt both privileged and under-dressed. Be warned readers, Vista is a place to be seen. Leave your Cons at home and dig out your most over-sized sunglasses. 

The three trendy cocktails will be available from September 8th 2011 to coincide with the launch of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. Be sure to hurry though as they are only available until September 30th. And check before you go to make sure it's not booked out for a function.