Monday, 12 September 2011

How To Be Unemployed & Still Afford A French Feast

By Ruth Emery.

Bonjour beaux lecteurs Fluid. Bienvenue à cette petite tranche de paradis Français, à côté de cette borne limite très Britannique, la tour de Londres. La bienvenue, entrée, viennent dans…

In other words, welcome to Chez Gerard, a spiffing French restaurant next to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. You may have heard of it – it’s a chain – but have you sampled their new menu de prix fixe?

I took my newly unemployed friend along with me to find out what all the fuss was about. Attractive waiter? Check. Nice French house wine? Correct (a fresh and fruity Sauvignon, if you must know). Charming waitress? Yes. French-sounding music? Naturellment.

It was quiet in the Trinity Square restaurant, but then it was a Monday night. We hoovered up the white bread spread with luscious unsalted butter, and waited for our starters to arrive. Soft cheese with herbs and ham hock and parsley terrine went down a treat as we discussed the perils of the job market.

A two-course meal at any one of Chez Gerard’s nine locations costs £15 and a three-course meal comes in at £19 making it perfect for a budget. It’s an especially good deal at the Trinity Square restaurant, which is in a prime tourist spot, plus there aren’t many good eateries around Tower Hill, making it an even handier spot to gorge on French dishes.

Steak and chicken followed our tasty starters, and we launched into our ‘How to get a job, while still allowing plenty of time for lie-ins, leisurely lunches and guilty Jeremy Kyle viewing pleasure’ action plan. It was a toughie, but over three courses (four if you include the French bread) we would come up with a foolproof plan to get my friend firmly back onto her career path.

We loosened the top buttons on our jeans and tucked into our puds. The best one on the menu de prix fixe seemed to be the ginger chocolate mousse (complete with French buttery biscuits) so we had a round of those.

We leant back in our comfy booth and considered kicking off our shoes, only to remember that we were actually in a French restaurant, in public.

Ainsi adieu Chez Gerard. Nous serons de retour bientôt manger des festins Français de beurre plus délicieux.

To book a table at the Trinity Square Chez Gerard, use the booking form below.