Monday, 26 September 2011

The Most Fashionable Bar in London

By Leah Harper.

What are London’s fashionistas doing the night before the prestigious London Fashion Week? Are they meticulously planning what to wear to each of the upcoming shows? Placing cucumbers over their eyelids and getting an early night to ensure they look fabulous the next day? Of course not! Like most nights, they’re out and about, being seen at the most fashionable venues in London, which, last week, happened to be Sartoria bar in Mayfair.

Of course, London Fashion Week is no longer simply about the fashion; if, indeed, it ever was. Yes, there are the catwalk shows and collection exhibitions, but for those not directly involved in the industry, it’s far more an excuse to see who went where, and, of course, what they were wearing.
The newly re-launched Sartoria bar was certainly up against some stiff competition if it hoped to be the trendiest new opening in the run up to LFW’s events. The bar, like the main restaurant, serves Italian food, but only in the form of Stuzzichini (or appetizers), as well as cocktails and canapés. However, with Covent Garden’s newly opened Italian osteria, da Polpo, offering similar mix-and-match chichetti plates, and Westminster’s Massimo Restaurant & Oyster Bar promoting their low fat crudos, there’ll certainly be plenty of venues offering model-friendly portions during London’s super-skinny week.

Of course, not all of London’s bars can boast a location which is so intrinsically linked to the world of fashion as that of Savile Row, where the Sartoria bar happens to be situated. The bar’s neighbouring bespoke tailors are said to have once been frequented by customers such as Winston Churchill and Lord Nelson – no doubt the A-listers of their time – and so it makes sense that the sophisticated bar should be a hot spot for visiting fashion fans. Unfortunately, with many of LFW’s key events being held closer to the Strand, it is perhaps possible that Sartoria bar may lose out to bars and restaurants with far less fashion heritage. Fashionistas are also notoriously attracted to big brand names, so with Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa located not so very far away, the temptation may prove too great, even for those in heels.Of course, as any true follower of fashion should know, trends tend to pass. Quirky bars, like the eccentric Callooh Callay, and even the super-stylised Anthologist, are perhaps the equivalent of ‘trying a new look’; they’re certainly fun, but there’s always the chance that they might not be in fashion come next season.If the Sartoria bar launch party proved anything, it’s that this extension of the highly esteemed Sartoria restaurant will continue to excel in being perfectly chic and undeniably stylish. With top-class service from the exceptionally polite staff (who ensured that corks were being popped from bottles almost constantly throughout the evening), this venue is a timeless classic, and one that you’ll be happy to be seen in again and again; wearing your in vogue attire, of course.

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