Friday, 16 September 2011

We Will Not Sacrifice Dessert For Dior

By Anastasia Hancock.

It’s that time of year again when London is awash with Champagne, and food tends to take a bit of a back seat as the calorie-conscious size zero madness reigns supreme.

However, here at Fluid, we’re not distracted by razor sharp cheekbones and sculpted thighs. We don’t care for skipping meals in the interests of couture, and damn it; we will not sacrifice dessert for Dior!

Luckily, we can sniff out a canapé at a hundred yards (it’s a gift) and there were a few blessed London bars and restaurants that came to our rescue last week. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out was hosted at several locations across the capital, such as Harvey Nicholls and J Sheekey, who were offering the ultimate in low calorie dining featuring oysters and Pol Roger Pure (a zero dosage cuvee with no added sugar). A good idea if you simply must shoehorn into Chanel, but vastly missing the point of Champagne, which is all about decadence, surely?

So while the great and the good of the fashion world schmoozed and boozed at Vogue's opening party at Asprey, Johnny Borrell DJ-ed at Gap in Oxford Street, Dior's cocktail party kicked off in New Bond Street, and Rupert Sanderson hosted a 70s-themed roller disco in his Bruton Place store, I headed over to the aptly named Sartoria on (where else but) Saville Row to sample this classy Italian restaurant’s new stuzzichini (Italian ‘tapas’) menu.

Whilst we were there, Sartoria treated us to a sartorial show with a display of the latest collections from several designers, worn by real models who were free to walk amongst the guests (no touching the models, no feeding the models!). Those who were fortunate enough to live off more than a journalist’s wage were able to shop from their seats, while grazing on star chef Lukas Pfaff’s beautifully crafted Italian menu, and I would urge you to do the same asap (use this booking form to secure a table).
Luckily, I’m more of the form-follows-function school. There were no thorax restricting corsetry on my person so I could guzzle freely while gazing at the ‘living models’ parading round the room showcasing the soon-to-be winter wardrobes of the sartorially-minded guests. I resisted the urge to force feed the size zeros with canapés like foie gras geese, and anyway, the food was too good to share. Along with fine bresaola, super-fresh calamari and a gorgeously peppery olive oil from Puglia, guests also consumed the ‘Vogue’ cocktail, available for one night only.

London Fashion Week is now in full swing, and if, like Bowie you want to be part of the Goon Squad, check out Fluid’s guide to the best bars and restaurants in the brand spanking new shopping Mecca that is Westfield Stratford City.

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