Friday, 7 October 2011

Happy Birthday All You 1-Year Old London Bars!

By Claire Williams.

Anniversaries are always special but nothing is more special than a first anniversary; your sprog’s 1st birthday; your company’s 1st year in business; the first year of your marriage. It signifies the completion of a milestone, an indication of success and survival, and fills you with hopes for the future.

London’s nightlife has had its fair share of first birthday celebrations in 2011. New and exciting ventures have sprung up all over the capital, putting paid to any whispered rumours that London has had its day with a firework display of fresh-faced restaurateurs and bar owners.

One of the ‘coolest’ (excuse the pun) new kids on the block is the Icebar London by Icehotel. The bar was once the Absolut Icebar but was rebranded in October 2010 by designers Nille & Sofi and transformed into a “frozen metropolis”, where everyday items - such as park benches and rubbish bins - have been painstakingly chiselled from ice inside the bar. And, I hear you ask, where did they get all this ice from? Well, for all you fact-fans out there, Icebar London by Icehotel is built entirely from ice harvested from the sub-zero Torne river in Lapland, and the entire place is kept at an extremely chilly -5 degrees. Happy first birthday Icebar!

Another happy birthday has to go out to our friends in Shoreditch, who had not one, not two, but three memorable bar openings this time last year. XOYO is a cracking space for drinkers and artists alike, while The Nightjar is laid back casual cool. The Ninetyeight Bar is different altogether, hailed as an Aladdin’s Cave of delights, both strange and charming. To all three from us at Fluid, we wish you a very happy birthday. Long may you serve us drinks!

There is no better way to spend a first birthday or anniversary than at a party. The Camino was another bar to turn 1 recently, and boy, did they deliver a party. The Spanish bar Camino is one of two Camino bar’s in London. The bar hovers at the edge of the Thames river, pumping out chilled Spanish house music and serving slap up tapas plates like only the real Latinos do, with real honest warmth and generosity. And living up to true Latino spirit, the weather was gorgeous and the food even more so.

As a thank you to all its patrons, Camino invited everyone to their first birthday bash and dished out wristbands that entitled the wearer to a few free drinks of their choice. Now that’s the way to celebrate in style. Long may the guys at Camino have a party of that magnitude every year! Happy first birthday, Camino. I hope I get an invite for the next one.

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