Monday, 10 October 2011

London’s Largest Disco Ball Via The Temporary Shed Of Winter

By Christian Rose-Day.

The search for the biggest disco ball in London might as well stop right now. I think I’ve found it. Until I receive confirmation of the exact size of the disco ball suspended above the dance floor at Koko in Camden (allegedly, Europe’s largest), I am going to award Platform in London Bridge the prestigious spherical mirror prize; especially as they have a commendable selection of local London ales, like the Kernel Pale Ale, because, as the saying goes, Bermondsey beer is the route to world disco ball domination (they do say that, right?).

I made this earth-shattering disco(very) after attending the very prescient launch - seeing as the weather just turned from Mediterranean hot box to Hebridean shuffle gust - of the Cortina at Cantina Winter Terrace on the banks of the Thames. I shall explain.

Twenty-four hours prior to the opening of Cantina del Ponte’s mini après-ski chalet (basically, a shed with a serving hatch), the weather had hit record high October temperatures. So much so that these glamourous ladies were able to stand around in their bikinis.The Cortina - a glitzy Italian winter ski resort - was replicated at Cantina del Ponte just at the right time, though, as the weather turned a sight more chilly on launch day, thus making the arrival of the warm blankets, the heaters, the hot spiced Mojitos, the chocolate Martinis, the cheese and chocolate fondues, and the roasted chestnuts particularly expedient.
Cantina del Ponte is another Thames-side restaurant from the D & D London group who also own Butler’s Wharf Chop House and The Blueprint Cafe along this prime piece of real estate with uncensored views of Tower Bridge.

Be aware though, the lure of Bagna Cauda (a Piedmontese dish of seasonal veggies dipped in a hot anchovy & garlic sauce), Caffe alla Valdostana (coffee, grappa, cinnamon and cloves), and Vin Brulée (warm, spiced red wine with cloves and cinnamon) at Cortina at Cantina will not be available after Sunday 13th November, when it closes, presumably so everyone can take time off to go skiing at the real Cortina.

Apparently, “fur hats and moon boots are strictly optional.” If you’re anywhere near a disco ball, though, I’d say they’re mandatory.

To book at table at Cantina del Ponte, use the booking form below.

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