Monday, 30 January 2012

8 Cool Date Ideas In London

Fluid London has recently become good mates with the hip new London dating website, DoingSomething, which is based on one simple idea: dating is a whole load more fun when you’re actually DoingSomething. Doing an activity - any activity - immediately gives you something in common and takes away those awkward cringe worthy feelings. The worst-case scenario is that there is no worst-case scenario. Who cares if you don’t fall in love? At least you got to play ping-pong or go on a ghost walking tour together.

It’s FREE to create a profile on DoingSomething and if you subscribe through Fluid London you’ll end up saving £50 squids.

Click here to start DoingSomething with someone in London, and once you’re signed up, maybe you’d like to try one of these dating ideas in London, supplied by our buddies at DoingSomething

Cook, Eat & Run at L’atelier des Chefs
Every month heralds a new statistic about how little time we Brits take for lunch. DoingSomething are determined to buck pretty much any trend going, so why not meet someone new AND take part in a cooking course under the watchful eye of a Michelin-starred Chef? At Cook, Eat and Run you prepare a main course from scratch. Then eat it. Or take it back to the office to show it off. And if you join DoingSomething, you can save £20 and book it for £30.87 thank you very much. Bargainous!

Singing is a great – admittedly, high risk - way to get to know someone new. Obviously there’s the Lucky Voices of this world, and the slightly less polished (and DoingSomething friend), Karaoke Box. But straightforward Karaoke is so 2011. Step forward Rockaoke. Essentially, it’s karaoke where the usual bontempi style backing track and extremely dubious video is replaced with A LIVE BAND. That’s right, we’ve employed block capitals to get this point across. You get to sing karaoke WITH A LIVE BAND. We’ve already seen Rockaoke crop up on a few DoingSomething profiles, so it must be hip! Pre-book songs on the site before you, ahem, rock up. Choose Dancing Queen. We dare you.

Inline skating class in Hyde Park; a golden chance to impress with either your fine skating skill or good humour when you fall flat on your arse. You might not fall head over heels in love on a Skatefresh date (that pun is as bad as anything you ever heard on Blind Date) but at least you’ll learn how to skate.

Sounds Familiar
Disco in pub quiz format. After a summer at Glastonbury, Bestival, and the Big Chill, it’s now back in London. Rounds include ‘does liking this record make me uncool?’ ,‘feel the power ballad’ and ‘round of cheese’. Hosted by MC Quizzical, the whole shebang turning into a disco, time permitting. Sounds courtesy of Pump Up The Jam Disco 2000 Roadshow. It pops up from time to time so look out for the next one.

Ice Cream Camden Taste Test
One to look forward to at the first hint of Spring. Start your trip at the kitsch, aquatically themed, Marine Ices where the service can be on the surly side, which only adds to the experience. Jamaican Rum and Raisin with a Banana Split comes recommended. Their pistachio is well worth checking out. Then head to the fashionable, Heston-esque Chin Chin Laboratorists which bills itself as “Europe’s first Nitro Ice Cream parlour.” Once there, the ice cream 'laboratorists', husband-and-wife duo, Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur and Nyisha Weber, don cryo gloves and safety goggles to make your ice cream as you wait. It’s more basil and green tea than rum and raisin, so once you’ve done both you’ll have plenty to chat about. A good weekend date this one, as long as there is a bit of sunshine. Plus, Chin Chin is not open on Mondays and Camden’s quite lively come market day.

Active Drinking
There are plenty of interesting underground bars around Shoreditch - The Nightjar, Worship Street Whistling Shop or The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, for example – but a classic date should always involve some sort of activity, and The Book Club has a ping pong table. The way someone plays a game can be very telling: too competitive? Good loser? Gracious victor? Loser buys drinks?

School of Life Sunday Sermon
Secular sermons at Holborn’s Conway Hall are an inspiring start to anyone’s Sunday and start with a mass sing-along loosely themed around the event (we’ve sung Eye of The Tiger and Fairytale of New York on separate occasions). Then there’s the talk/sermon itself, ranging from topics such as The NeuroScience of Storytelling to the Art of Mindfulness. A Sunday Sermon gives you and your date plenty to chew over. Pop into The Bountiful Cow afterwards to contemplate your new, shared wisdom.

A Duck Tour
We’ve all seen them: bright yellow amphibious vehicles rolling around London, half full of Japanese tourists being pointed and laughed at by children (the buses, not the tourists, obviously). Onboard commentary imparts all manner of interesting London titbits. Then you edge down a causeway on the South Side of the Thames and spend the final half hour of the tour floating on the river. Quality! How could a date like this ever be boring?

Images courtesy of Flickr users Matt Hutchinson, Gill Wildman, pomphorhynchus, JD Hancock, Duncan Harris,, Casey West, Niamheen, derekGavey, and dennoir.

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