Friday, 17 February 2012

London.....And All That Jazz

By Philippa Morton.

“Mr what-ya-call ‘em what you doing tonight? Hope you’re in the mood because I’m feeling just right? Howz about a corner with a table for two, where the music’s mellow in a gay rendezvous..”

This Andrews Sisters’ song comes to mind as I search for that perfect place to get me in the mood. I’m in the mood for good, proper jazz. Where in the world would you find gooood, live jazz music? Or more to the point, where in London would you find gooood, live jazz music?

The Door Oyster Bar and Grill in Bank (above) would be a start. As we see out this last proper Winter month, we can ‘Beat The Blues’ every Thursday night, relaxing to bouncy beats and double bass. Cloud and Klark Abel & Co (above) are just some of the acts on show. You are deserving of both musical and taste indulgence simultaneously, and you couldn’t get it better at The Door. This restaurant is most definitely for those with a taste for the finer life. But you will also need the budget. And you’ll need to book.

I continue my search as, although I love the jazz music, the lure is too much for my progressively thinning wallet. I am going to have to find jazz somewhere cheaper! I could try The Blues Kitchen in Camden (above), one of my favourite ever places! With bands hitting every day of the week, as well as their awesome rock ‘n roll club (Stumblin Slims), I’m in want of nothing. We all love the word FREE. But, for me, that usually means there is a catch. There is no catch to be made at The Blues Kitchen (except for the hottie at the piano) with plenty of free gigs every week!

Or Aint Nothin’ But The Blues in Soho (above), a bar to find bands who should really have a legacy of their own and husky voiced hunks who thrill me to the bone and take me back to the days of when my mama was just a little ankle biter. Highly recommended is Niall Kelly who plays every Saturday night. In fact Aint Nothin’ But The Blues is so good that even Amy Winehouse would visit and occasionally perform. Get in early though, as seats fill and plus there is an admission fee after 8.30pm.

Now if I’m in the West on a Wednesday and on the hunt for something jazzy that’s a little bit snazzy, I like to play my way to The Grand Union in Ravenscourt Park (above). The vintage decor fits the music well. And because it’s also a restaurant, once again, I get to enjoy both taste and sound indulgences at the same time!

It’s gooood to know that there is goooood jazz to be had for all pockets and tastes as well as all corners of this great London town.

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