Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rooftop Bars & Nose-To-Tail Restaurants: London’s Best Venues For Impressing Clients

By Anastasia Hancock.

The Swank Scale, degree and range of, cannot be underestimated when calculating the success of a central London bar or restaurant. Flash Factor, the Splash Cash Rate and Flaunt Appeal are all important gauges when it comes to impressing bosses and clients alike.
Take Vista, the bar perched smugly atop the Trafalgar Hotel, as a prime example. Stunning views of Trafalgar Square? Check. Premium prices? Check. Extravagant cocktails, celebrity clientele, rooftop kitchen? Sure. Little wonder that this destination bar rockets right off the Swank Scale.
Last summer Vista more than doubled in size and is now Central London’s biggest rooftop destination bar. To celebrate, as those at the top of the Swank Scale are wont to do, they threw a big, flash party.
In an attempt to distract press and partygoers alike from the inconsiderate rain that threatened expensive hairstyles, the organisers threw as much Champagne and chic cocktails down our necks us they could; such a hardship! Still, the herb garden (natch), arguably the best view in the city, and cocktails such as Hot Chilli Woman, Leila Lavender Martini and the Mojiterraneo numbed the pain.

This is the perfect spot to wow. And if impressing clients is your game, then get your best power suit on, the AmEx out, and forget the big sales pitch. These bad boys will do the talking for you.

Further bars and restaurants for impressing clients and bosses
Restaurant Les Trois Garcons in Shoreditch offers the best of east London cool, with a fabulous menu, hipster crowd and extensive taxidermy, a useful talking point once the conversation lags. This is not the place for the more staid corporate client, but is sure to impress nonetheless.
St John Bar and Restaurant in Smithfields is undoubtedly the spot to make an impression on foodie clients. The last word in nose-to-tail dining, Fergus Henderson’s gem of a converted smokehouse showcases brilliant British cuisine: meat, meat, meat!
If it’s all about the style without forgetting the substance, Joseph Conran’s Boundary restaurant, bar and rooftop terrace in Shoreditch is pretty impressive. Treat your client to fantastic cocktails and delicious seafood (and blow the budget) and the deal will be sealed.
Kensington’s Roof Gardens fit the bill for those willing to foot the bill in West London. Dine at Babylon, the flash restaurant, or take a stroll amid the wildlife in the three themed sky gardens. Come on, who’s not impressed by flamingos at a rooftop bar, restaurant and club? To book a table at Babylon, use the calendar below.

For further inspiration on rooftop bars, restaurants, gardens and terraces in London, click here.

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