Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Books, Wine & Penny Smith’s Heavy Petting

By Philippa Morton.

I hate the Kindle.

I’m persistently pestered to buy a Kindle by my gadget obsessed boyfriend, and ‘keep up with Joneses’ connections. Admittedly, it has it plusses: they save paper, they save space, and they’re much lighter to carry. But I can’t help that I’m an old fashioned girl who loves the feeling of a book in my hand. I am dying to find someone out there who agrees with me. And being on a computer all day, sometimes I just can’t wait to feel books and magazines being caressed in my finger tips, probably the only time heavy petting in public is acceptable!

The good news is that I am no longer dying. I found someone who agrees with me; someone who also loves the feeling of a book in their hands (and therefore also guilty of heavy petting in public!) She’s smart, beautiful, witty (NOOO, NOT me this time) and she’s also a TV presenter. Penny Smith is an avid supporter of Oxfam and with a cool £1.6 million worth of books donated and sold through Oxfam a year, it’s no wonder. Can you believe that so much money can be raised to help fund poverty around the world?

There’s one thing I like just ever so slightly more that the feeling of a book in my hands: a book in one hand AND a glass of wine in the other! So with the presence of Lindeman’s wine at Oxfam’s launch of the Wine and Book Club with Penny Smith, it was a night made in heaven. But helping people requires sacrifice and giving up something for yourself. How can drinking wine and buying books possibly help others? Well, this is the deal: for every book bought at the events, Lindeman’s doubles the amount of money made! And in case you were wondering, Oxfam is run by volunteers, so as much as possible goes to the actual need. So I really hope you’re extra splurging when you’re drunk!

There are plenty more upcoming Oxfam Wine and Book Club events. Just check out to attend one near you!

By the way, I have something to tell you, even if I don’t want to, but go ahead check it out, ‘cos I know you want to: Lindeman’s is giving a 1000 of them away. Yes, 1000 Kindles!

Philippa donated Jack Canfield's book 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' and bought 'The Hidden Children' by Jane Marks.

For those particularly interested in wine, check out our guide to the best wine bars in London. The perfect place to unwind and discuss all your new books.

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