Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Right Restaurant For Celebrating The Queen’s 86th Birthday?

By Philippa Morton.

It’s the Queen’s 86th birthday weekend, and her 60th year of reign. Regally celebrated with boat pageants, concerts, processions and, most importantly, two bank holidays. I like the Royal family, but just because they’re Royal and born into privilege doesn’t actually make them Royal. And just because the rest of us are ‘commoners’ doesn’t make us common. But at least we’re not judged by the whole world on our every inch, action and outfit.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t care less how old the Queen is, and I couldn’t care less that she has ‘worked’ for Great Britain and the Commonwealth for 60 years. Come on, why don’t you just say it? I know there are plenty of you who agree.

What I DO care about is finding a great excuse to celebrate and there’s hardly a more appropriate venue to celebrate The Queen’s 86th birthday than Eighty-Six (86) restaurant in Kensington (pictured below).
As well as The Queen’s 86th birthday, Eighty-Six restaurant is celebrating the addition of a new head chef, Simon Levy. A vast and varied culinary career has resulted in Eighty-Six’s stunning menu. Take, for instance, a starter of vodka and gin cured salmon. Follow on with mains of monkfish, which I found to be set off heavenly with a crispy curl of pork crackling, followed by stuffed saddle of rabbit. It comes as no surprise then that Simon Levy has worked in some of the most prestigious London venues, such as Koffman’s, catering to London’s most glamorous.
But as we all know, the rich (or the Royals) aren’t the only glamorous people in London. Take for instance, the staff at Eighty-Six; just as divine and equally delicious as the food they serve, they impressively match refined tastes in wine with various dishes, whatever your penchant. It was so easy to sneak a nice peak while pretending to be fascinated by the curious ceiling covered in framed mirrors. Lol. Hopefully they realised how glamorous I was too.

It would be wise not to miss out on a night celebrating at Eighty-Six. Perhaps you like to describe food with such phrases as “refined tastes”, “hued flavours”, and “infused blends”. Or perhaps you like to say “small food on a big plate that is just delicious”. Whoever you are, be Royal or Common, isn’t it wonderful that we can all participate in the wondrous lustre of life with splendourous restaurants such as Eighty-Six?

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