Friday, 28 June 2013

Photos Of The Taste Of London Food And Wine Festival

Fluid London’s culinary explorer, Baldwin Ho tackles the Taste London food and drink festival. 

It’s that time of the year again, and I was sent to visit the “Glastonbury” of food festivals, Taste London; in particular, to attend some masterclasses to brush up on those all important food and wine knowledge.

If there is such thing as foodie heaven, it was definitely in Regent’s Park that day. I attended a sushi and wine tasting masterclass with Celebrity Cruises and a mozzarella masterclass with Obikà.

Do kids get spoilt these days? Most definitely – with sushi lollipops! And these ones had crushed doritos on them. It was one of my highlights of Taste London.

Service with a smile and friendly banter with the “passengers on board”.

There’s a high probability our next holiday might involve a cruise in the Greek Islands. Gone are the days of stuffy old fashioned cruises, nowadays it’s modern, sexy, luxurious cruises on board Celebrity cruises.

A summer festival, just isn’t a summer festival without a glass of rosé (or four glasses!)

The colourful sushi lollipops, it’s enough to bring out the big kid in anyone. Don’t ask me where you can find them in London though; you just have to go on a Celebrity Cruise.

I have a feeling the waiter in the middle secretly wants to take the whole tray home for dinner. I cant blame him.

I too had trouble sorting out the pesky Rubik’s cube. It was clearly fashionable before my time.

The best way to cure seasickness – definitely have a few glasses of red wine. However, we did work out during the course of our wine tasting; red wine really doesn’t go with tuna sushi.

White, red or rosé? The wine never stops flowing when you are at Taste London or on board a Celebrity Cruise.

Next stop in our voyage was to visit the Obikà tent and try their delicious canapés, prosciutto de Parma, olives, mozzarella. Yum!

Here the manager is trying to show us the difference between Obikà and Tesco mozzarella. Can you work which is which? A helpful hint: the best looking one might not be the best tasting one.

Just to avoid any confusion, the one that looks like a snowball is not; I repeat not an Obikà product. Sadly I don’t think I can ever go back to buying mozzarella from Tesco again after this little masterclass.

In summary, there was great food, great wine and also great company. Now my thoughts are on when I can book that relaxing Celebrity Cruise.