Thursday, 25 July 2013

Burgers: How Do You Eat Yours?

A prize to win a burger masterclass with MasterChef finalist Tom Whitaker and a BBQ for you and 10 mates inspired Christian Rose-Day to share his burger eating methods.

The latest competition from Youngs Pubs is really simply to enter. If you’re a burger lover, all you need do is send in photos of yourself devouring your favourite meal, in your favourite manner; much like the Supermodel method....

Or the Hollywood method...

Or, in my case, the Dr Seuss method...

I like my Youngs burger....

On a slate.

With a mate.

Standing up.

In a cup.

With no shoes.

Whilst reading the news.

Without fear.

And with a beer.

It's really easy to enter this competition, so give it a go. You'll probably want to eat a burger soon anyway, right?

The Brook Green Hotel pub, where I channelled the spirit of Dr Seuss through into my burger, is also currently running a Monster Burger Challenge whereby if you can eat a burger made of three beef burger patties, three different types of cheeses, 6 fried gherkins (pictured right), a bucket of slaw, and a bucket of chips, all within 15 minutes, you get the whole lot for FREE.

The legends leader board so far is looking decidedly slim. Fancy your chances?

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