Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Photos From The Love Supreme Music Festival

You know writing for Fluid is a pretty tough job. Not everyone is up to the challenges and hardship of journalism. I mean, take my last job of attending the Love Supreme Jazz festival, courtesy of those lovely people at Grand Marnier.
First I had to leave London, and go foraging through the wilds of Sussex to find it.

Then my poor arm was weighed down with my weekend wristband, my VIP wristband and my unlimited free drinks at the Grand Marnier bar wristband. God that was tough.

They tried to make it easier on us poor journos shipped in from the safety of London with glamping accommodation.

And put us in with VIP camping, so we didn’t have to be with the rest of the plebs.

But you know, the conditions were hard, hot, dusty – it’s almost a miracle that we made it. Some poor souls couldn’t take the heat and excess.

They cried out for water and rest. 

But as for me, I am an intrepid journalist to the core. If I’m sent to a festival, I’m going to cover every angle. You want to know what the Grand Marnier bar is like, I’m going to spend some time there finding out.

You want to know whether the Grand Marnier cocktails circle glasses ensure that it is extremely hard to tip your drink over when sitting on the grass, I’m going to sit on the grass and drink cocktails – just to find out (by the way they are genius for picnic drinking).

You want to know what vegetarian Indian food for breakfast tastes like, I’m going to try it and find out.

You want to know what it’s like to sit in a field and see Murray win Wimbledon. 

And then go back to dancing to music, I’ll try it out.


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