Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Brooklyn Brewery London Mash - Food, Film, Comedy, Music, Books and Beer

Fluid London's Anna Robin checked out the Brooklyn Brewery Mash tour recently. This is her report.

I was really looking forward to the Brooklyn Brewery Slow Supper with Chef Andrew Gerson and Chef Matthew Kennard. The food sounded exciting and I’m a big fan of Brooklyn Lager.

However due to traffic, I had ended up going straight there from a hen weekend and wanted nothing better than to go home and detox with sleep and herbal tea. 

But then I arrived and was handed this.

And the menu looked mouth-wateringly good 

And even the napkin looked fantastically well designed 

And every delicious course came with a different beer from Brooklyn Brewery

With worryingly high alcoholic percentages, generally around 10%

And as well as a superb fish course of cod slow cooked in oil 

And a perfectly cooked lamb

We were also offered a plate of oysters, between courses, in case we were feeling even a tiny bit peckish

Oh and I probably should have mentioned that the view from where we were sitting on top of the ace hotel, looked like this

So I got over my desire to go home and had a luxurious, beer filled evening. 

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